The Telltale Signs He Likes You

You have met this great guy for a couple of weeks now and there is that one question you can’t keep out of your head – he likes me or he likes me not? The thing is you like him. Really really like him. And you’re hoping the same from him. Of course, you do not want to be assuming and then he might get the wrong idea. So before you do something crazy, here are the telltale signs he definitely likes you:


  1. Body Language Cues. Body language is one way to know if someone is attracted to you or not. As you know, “action speaks louder than words.”
    1. Body pointing. It is when his whole body unconsciously keep you in line with his line of sight. His body faces you even if he is far and in a crowded room like in a party or a meeting. His toes as well are pointed towards your direction.
    2. Leaning towards you. He leans towards you whenever you are sitting close to one another or even when just talking with each other hovering close but not in a creepy way. It means he wants to be near you and he is drawn to you.
    3. The Eyebrow Flash. Similar to flashbulb eyes or simply eye widening, the eyebrow flash is a good indicator of initial attraction. It is a brief moment when eyebrows are raised in response to noticing the person we are attracted to. If you notice this every time he sees you it means he is delighted to see you or he likes what he sees – you.
    4. Maintains eye contact. When you talk to each other he looks at your face and maintains eye contact for a long time and actually listens. His focus is on you. He does not see the hot girl who just passed by and doesn’t check out other girls except you. Cleary, he is into you. Or if he is the shy type kind of guy, he might look at you but then look away quickly once you noticed him watching you. Also, when he look at you from bottom to top it means he admires you.
    5. Subtle touching. He always finds a way to touch you whenever he has the chance. This accidental touching might not be noticeable at first but when he does he keep it playful and decent. Unless he just likes to hook up then that’s another story.
    6. Being nervous. Nervousness is one of the psychological signs of attraction. He usually has sweaty palms when his around you. This one may not be easy to tell but if you see him fidget or run his hand through his hair several times when talking to you or trying to play it cool by straightening his tie or tucking his shirt, he is nervous and wants to impress you.
    7. Mirroring. He mimics what you do without him being aware he is doing it. It is an unconscious way to tell that he is interested in you. Even when you walk together, he will match your pace if he likes you.
    8. Smile. You can tell if he likes you if he smiles a lot when you are together. As if he is trying to tell you he likes you without actually blurting out his feelings.
  2. Social Media Interactions. A guy is interested if he sends you a friend request on Facebook or follows you on Twitter or Instagram or in that case any platforms of social media. Guys don’t send out friend request if they are not interested in getting to know a girl. But if you’re the one who added him up, he likes you if he hastily accepts your request right away. Usually, a guy hit the girl he likes on social media by sending pokes, liking posts, pictures and almost everything you post even though you feel like that recent post of yours doesn’t really relates to him or makes sense to him at all. He is sometimes the first one to like or comment on your posts. He is kind of stalking you (but not in a creepy psycho-ish way) and is updated on your whereabouts and what you’ve been up to lately.
    He uses this information to start a conversation with you when you bump into each other or when he chats you.
    In that way, he can get close to you and catches your attention. He instantly messages you once he sees you are online. He usually starts the conversation and is very conversive and wants to keep it going by asking a lot of questions and seems to not want to end your chit chat anytime soon until you both realizes that time has passed by. He even finds it hard to say goodbye at the end of every conversation you have.
  3. Special Treatment. Attraction comes with treating someone you like in a very special way. Guys are generally inexpressive. But if they really like someone they show them in their own ways. A lot of these ways can be the following:
    1. He acts differently when you’re around. Especially if he is with a group of people and then you suddenly came. You will see him fixing his hair and behaving to impress you. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his luck with you as someone he sees with a potential to be his girlfriend.  
    2. He treats you differently from the other girls. He does not treat you like just a friend. He acts like a true gentleman when you’re together like opening the door for you, help you bring some heavy loads you are carrying or walks you home.
    3. He wants to make sure you are safe, secure and comfortable. He blocks the way if you guys are in a club so you can pass through. He may even offer you a ride home just so he is at ease that you get home safe and sound. He doesn’t like if people are insulting or offending you in his presence. He goes overprotective and defensive. He will also offer you a seat when he notices you are tired of wearing heels or ask you for anything that will make you comfortable.
    4. He constantly texts you sweet nothings and asks you how are you doing and what are you up to, and even bring you stuff that might cheer you up when you are having a bad day because he sincerely wants you to be okay.
    5. He compliments you all the time. He tells you that you are beautiful and sexy even if you might not agree.
    6. He is willing to sacrifice his prior commitments just to be with you when you need some help. Or he makes time when you need him to do a favor without asking anything in return and says it is his pleasure. The same goes when he abandons.
    7. He calls you in a cute nickname that he gave to you. It might even be a special term of endearment like sweetie, honey or baby.
  4. The Big Ask. OK. Before you get ahead of yourselves. It’s not a proposal. But these 3 questions are drop dead giveaways that he really likes you. A guy won’t ask these questions unless he is interested in you, finds you attractive or wants to be more than just friends and get to know you better.
      1. May I have your number?
      2. Do you have a boyfriend?
      3. Do you want to go out sometime?

    Any other questions that resembles the above are concrete signs that you are lucky. He is into you as much as you are into him. He won’t be asking if he does not care at all because he wants you. No further explanations needed.

  5. The Other Obvious Signs. If you are still not convinced he likes you with all the signs mentioned here are some more signs you might want to ponder upon:
    • He starts sharing his personal secrets to you because besides from liking you he knows you can be trusted just like a future girlfriend would be.
    • He wants you to meet his friends or family. Notice how his friends tease him when you are around and giving him a hard time. They probably already knew he have feelings for you that’s why he invited you in the first place. And he wants you to be part of his life by letting you be together with the other people who is already in his life. That’s how important you are to him.
    • He teases you more of his way to flirt with you. He does this to get your attention and that he is fun to be with.
    • He does not use his phone when you’re around because you are the only girl he is into and does not seem to give interest to other girls either.
    • He notices minor changes you do to yourself. For instance, when you have a new hair cut or when you wear new clothes.
    • He remembers every single thing you have talked about.
    • He gives you gifts for no reason in particular.
    • He gets jealous when other guys are swarming around you.
    • He talks about his plans as if he wants you to be there too. This is him indirectly inviting you and saying will you join me.
    • He shares his personal secrets with you and confidently entrusts this to you and you alone.

    With all these telltale signs if he likes you, if you crossed out 10 out of all the signs you have got the answer I know you are hoping for. No doubt, he likes you.