The Secrets of Having a Great Online Dating Profile

If you are a little hesitant to put yourself out there (in the real world if that makes sense) maybe it’s not a bad idea to create an online dating profile. There is nothing wrong with taking a risk on taking dating online. After all, you can delete your account as soon as you want out. And you are in control with your ever reliable, computer. Here are the secrets of having a great online dating profile to attract your potential mate in no time:



  1. Choose the right profile picture. Having an alluring picture is essential in creating a great online dating profile. Use a high-quality photo not cropped, pixelated photo so men will have a clear picture of yourself. Do not use a photo from a year ago. Make it as recent as possible. A great smile can easily attract men to engage in your profile than posting kissy faces or duck lips. Avoid using less known celebrities as photo unless you are not serious in finding a match. Also, avoid picking a picture of you that doesn’t seem to look like yourself. Your picture should be what you look like offline.
  2. Create an amazing username. Besides from your profile picture, your username is the image that will portray who you are. The trick is wordplay. A good way to do this is, is to combine an adjective and your name. Be careful in choosing an appropriate adjective. Don’t use words that will make you look cheap and desperate. Choose something meaningful and make it as unique as possible to easily catch the right men’s attention.
  3. Write a compelling headline. Headlines usually have allotted characters so use them wisely. It is a great way to get men to click your profile and read more about you. Tell great things about you such as your hobbies, what you are passionate about, or the things that excite you. Make sure to tell the truth and not sugar coat everything just to make you look appealing. Remember honesty is the best policy. Additionally, keep it positive. Nobody likes a cynic.
  4. Use correct grammar and spelling. Reading incorrect grammar and misspelled words is a big turn off. You may come off as unintelligent and incoherent. Men will easily swipe off your profile instead of reading them. To avoid this use the auto-correct to your advantage or grammar sites. You can also ask your friend for help on checking what you wrote. They can also give you suggestions on how to describe you well based on how they know you.
  5. Update regularly. Keep your profile renewed on a regular basis with significant information about yourself to keep yourself interesting. In this way, they have something to look forward to you. The guys interested in you will know you more and this can also be a conversation starter. Using a variety of information can break the ice between the two of you.


These secrets will invite more men to check you out in the online dating world. The more men you entice in your profile, the more choices you can select from and a more chance of meeting the right one for you.