Why Men Lose Interest?

Discover the EXACT reasons why men lose interest and learn to win him over with unpredictability and understanding

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  • The 5 criteria that decide whether he'll be interested in you or not.
  • How to make sure he sees you as a potential girlfriend, rather than just a potential one night stand.
  • Simple tricks to make him believe you truly "get" him, so he won’t want anybody else.

Maybe This Happens To You

Almost every woman who has dated someone in the past half-century has experienced the blowoff—also known as the fadeout or the cool pulling-away—at some point. One minute they are on the best date of their lives, the next she’s waiting to hear from him for weeks and is wondering … what happened?

Why do men do this? This is common enough that entire books have been written about it, Oprah has done at least a dozen shows on it, and dating columnists and relationship gurus have made entire careers out of helping women understand this phenomenon. Understanding why you have become the victim of the blowoff will help ensure you never get caught in that cool fade zone again.

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"When a man feels pressure, no matter what the situation is, he resists..."

"The whole point of this book is to make Mr. Dreamy your very own. Despite this book focusing solely on your man, remember that no matter how badly you may want him, he should never be your ONLY focus."

- Merry Garcia (Relationship Advisor)