How to Get Him to Notice You

Have you been attempting to stand out enough to be noticed however feel like your efforts have been futile? Does it feel like regardless of what you do around your crush, he doesn’t know you exist? Stop over thinking it and get down to the fundamentals. There are a number of ways that you can get him to notice you; just remember to have fun with it, don’t try too hard and follow these easy steps.


  1. Do something amazing. We easily notice individuals that accomplish something astonishing. Whether it’s the person in your chemistry lab or the hot fella at work, do something wonderful that will get people talking. Give a splendid reply, help him out with his work, have an amazing article published or succeed in a way that makes you emerge from the horde of ladies.
  2. Walk in front of him. Try not to play hard to get. In the event that you aren’t perceptible, make him see you. Walk in front him. Too obvious? But what other means would he notice you?
  3. Smile at him. Grin and look him in the eyes. When you grin at him, make sure he sees you. Men are more inclined to approach ladies who let them know they exist. He’s not going to be interested in you if you look like Oscar the Grouch and aren’t sending him flags that you are attracted to him. This is a simple way to slip out in the off chance that he doesn’t react.
  4. Make him feel special. Men don’t frequently get what they need from the ladies as far as feeling amazing. Value him or simply recognize something brilliant he has done in a way that no one else has. “Hello, I saw that pitch you made to the manager. I wish I had thought about that.”
  5. Flirt. Especially if he starts first. Being a tease is a well-established strategy that numerous ladies believed to be too much for men, however, it is about the same as the old hypothesis goes that men won’t ask ladies out unless they know they are intrigued. If you don’t flirt back, he might think you are not interested in him.
  6. Connect with him. You cannot connect with him by being “Facebook friends”. Virtual friendship is different from real connection. Actual connection can star by having small talk of something you both are fascinated about “Goodness, you like the Officers? My father just got season tickets, we go all the time!”
  7. Don’t be too cool, but don’t try too hard either. There is a fine line between playing it cool and playing it hard to get. Playing hard to get will work with you, yet being too easy to get will send the wrong message. You can ace this by using the different techniques mentioned above. Once more, over-thinking dating and relationships brings the worst in people.
  8. Squirt him with a water gun or reasonable facsimile of boy-related toys. Sound silly and senseless? Precisely. There’s a reason prefer laser tag over long, extraordinary discussions. This will surely get his attention. Do you remember the kid in third grade who kept pulling your hair? The same idea will work for him 20 years after, but this time it is the other way around. You are the one being the goof. It is important to remember to not take dating seriously! Your fun loving nature and spontaneity will not just get you noticed but also attract him more. Don’t you think it would be a great “where did you meet” story? “She shot me!” Simply planned, is everything here; don’t make this stride when you are watching him shield his thesis.

The bottom line with getting a particular man to notice you is simply, be noticeable. Ladies over-think this simple stride awfully and end up playing hard to get or playing excessively cool, making it impossible for guys to get it. Men aren’t going to notice you if you don’t do a thing about it. Do something that will make you stand out, flash him your great smile and don’t be afraid to look silly once in a while. These simple tricks will get him notice you in no time.



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